CNCTech, one of the leading companies in the field of precision engineering, mold making, and plastic product casting, always prides itself on the quality of its products and services. However, in the context of an increasingly competitive market and higher customer demands, enhancing production capacity has become a vital factor. To achieve this goal, training to Supervisors in management knowledge and skills is essential.

Supervisors play the role of a bridge between the leadership and employees; they are not only responsible for implementing top-down strategies but also ensuring the work performance of their teams. They directly supervise the production process, control product quality, and resolve arising issues. Therefore, the capability of supervisors directly impacts the company’s production efficiency and product quality.

Ensuring that supervisor have the necessary knowledge and skills enables them to perform their tasks effectively and more confidently in their work processes, analysis, and problem-solving. CNCTech has organized training courses to impart soft skills, thereby enhancing the management capabilities of middle managers within the company.

  • Leadership Course: Focuses on developing leadership skills, motivating, and managing teams.
  • Time Management Course: Provides knowledge and skills on planning, time management, and effective task management.
  • Problem-Solving Course: Guides methods for scientifically analyzing, handling, and resolving problems.
  • Quality Control Course: Enhances knowledge of quality control processes, thereby improving product quality.

Training middle managers is an important strategic investment, bringing practical benefits to the company. CNCTech always recognizes the role of middle managers and creates conditions for their comprehensive development, thereby enhancing production capacity and product quality, better meeting the needs of customers and the market.