At CNCTech, each product carries its own unique story. The simple, ordinary images you see actually contain surprising feats of determination, support, and the creative spirit of the entire CNCTech team.

A clear example of our commitment is a product developed in 2022. When a customer shared that their end customer was having trouble developing the product in another country, they decided to turn to CNCTech to advance their project in Vietnam.

However, they were somewhat worried because CNCTech had no prior experience in producing this type of stainless steel casting. Additionally, the suppliers of stainless steel castings in Vietnam were in the early stages, producing only simple consumer goods and lacking experience in making machine components with high precision and quality requirements (no pitting).

The greatest challenge before us

  • Complex shapes with uneven thickness, prone to pitting and warping during casting and machining.
  • High tolerances for position, flatness, and perpendicularity -> requiring specialized machines to minimize the number of setups.
  • High technical requirements for the product.
  • Small machines could not meet the demands, necessitating investment in a 4-axis machine to reduce the number of setups and ensure tolerance
  • Investment in specialized tools to ensure uniform tolerances for holes and threads.

However, with determination and relentless effort, the CNCTech team overcame all challenges. From investing in advanced machinery to developing detailed and efficient production processes, we have created a perfect manufacturing process that meets all requirements.

This demonstrates the creativity and exceptional capabilities of the CNCTech team, as well as our commitment to delivering the best value to our customers.