Over nearly 15 years of making molds, CNCTech has become a trusted and reputable partner for a large number of domestic and international customers. In the past five years, with the Go Global strategy and a strong focus on the export market, CNCTech has expanded globally, venturing and shining in the international market.

Each month, we export dozens of molds to leading companies in the automotive and household appliance sectors in the United States. With a spirit of innovation and creativity, CNCTech is committed to continuous improvement to meet the highest customer demands.

Having overcome the initial phase and challenges in sourcing materials and components that meet U.S. standards and processing parameters in the Inch system, CNCTech is now capable of producing molds that meet standards right from the first trial (T0), fulfilling all stringent customer requirements. We only need 30-35 days from project receipt to delivery to the customer’s hands.

A strict quality control and inspection process is implemented at every stage, from design to product completion. This not only enhances CNCTech’s reputation but also opens up many new cooperation and development opportunities in the international market.

We believe that every product delivered to our customers carries its own story—a story of meticulousness, quality, and reputation built by the collective efforts of the entire CNCTech team.