In today’s world, many advanced machining technologies are developed to shape products. However, CNC machining technology remains a favored choice for various products due to its accessibility, high precision, material versatility, and reasonable cost. As market demands for products grow increasingly stringent, machining technology must ensure the ability to handle more complex parts, at higher speeds, with greater accuracy, and at reasonable costs. Consequently, CNC machining technology also needs to evolve to meet these demands. Therefore, CNC machining machines are continuously improved to meet these requirements, with multi-axis machining being a notable advancement.

Globally, multi-axis machining technology has been around for quite some time. However, due to its high cost and accessibility challenges, not many Vietnamese companies are equipped with this technology. Currently, three-axis machining is still prevalent in Vietnam. For complex parts with multiple inclined surfaces, engineers often have to apply their knowledge of fixture design to solve problems. However, fixture solutions can only address a limited number of products, and the machining time is prolonged with reduced accuracy due to fixture errors and placement. Therefore, equipping multi-axis machining machines remains the optimal solution.

Recognizing the market demand and technological requirements, CNCTech has actively invested in four-axis machines and dual-head milling lathes. Alongside the equipment investment, our engineers are also sent for training to master the functions and applications of these devices to optimize their performance and ensure effective investment. Currently, we can handle products requiring high relative positioning on different surfaces simply and quickly, ensuring quality and timely delivery for our customers while maintaining appropriate costs.