In recent years, annual production growth of CNCTech is of 50% to 100%. For manufacturing enterprises, the cost remains the biggest pressure. However, many partners are surprised when they visit CNCTech and see large, modern, yet very cost-effective factories.

So, what exactly did CNCTech do to solve this problem?

Belows are the main cost-cutting methods that CNCTech is applying.

Regarding infrastructure and factory costs: Besides manufacturing, CNCTech also supply industrial infrastructure and construction services. Our factories are built with a rapid speed of 4-6 months to put into operation, which is conceived by many partners as a concise period of time. The quick setting-up process helps minimize factory depreciation costs and promptly seize market opportunities.

The complex of CNCTech in Thang Long 3 Industrial Park Vinh Phuc

Regarding manufacturing equipment costs: CNCTech has always been a big and trusty partner of machine suppliers. We corporate strategically with several names and were supported with the lowest price range and shortest lead time. At the same time, the payment policy is also optimized, contributing to reducing the cost of capital and quick application of the equipments. Besides, the commitment and reputation with our suppliers also help us to receive excellent fast support services.

CNCTech’s factory in Bac Ninh

CNCTech’s manufacturing is organized as an ecosystem that provides integrated services from material processing to product finishing, including surface treatment and assembly, providing customers with finished products and excellent package service – “one-stop shop”. From there, it allows to minimize costs of processing, transportation, packaging, inspection … for customers.

Printing line at CNCTech

CNCTech’s production is built synchronously with standard and replicated modules and the management system is digitized by ERP and QR Code software. Thus, CNCTech can both improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

We have persistently practiced these methods of cost-cutting since we started as a small workshop. When our scales enlarge, the results are really obvious.