CNCTech Thang Long Joint Stock Company, a member of CNCTech Group, continuously strives to maintain and enhance product quality according to Japanese standards, meeting the increasing demands of customers both domestically and internationally. Product quality is not only a commitment but also a core value, placed at the forefront of all company activities.

Standard Japanese Quality Management Process

1. Advanced Production Process

We apply modern production processes, combined with advanced technology, to ensure each product meets the highest quality standards. From selecting raw materials to processing, each step is tightly controlled to ensure no minor defect is overlooked.

2. Comprehensive Quality Management System

The company has established and maintained a comprehensive quality management system, complying with international standards such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. This ensures that every stage in the production process is closely monitored and inspected, from product design to manufacturing and final inspection before delivery.

3. Professional Staff Team

We take pride in our experienced and well-trained staff according to Japanese standards. Employees are not only equipped with professional knowledge but also trained in a sense of responsibility and work discipline, ensuring each product is produced to the highest quality.

4. Utilizing Modern Technology

The company continually invests in advanced technology to enhance product quality and production efficiency. Machinery and equipment are directly imported from Japan, ensuring precision and reliability in each product.

Ensuring Quality from Input to Output

1. Raw Material Quality Control

Input materials are rigorously inspected before being put into the production process. We apply stringent inspection standards, ensuring each batch of materials meets quality and safety requirements.

2. Product Inspection During Production

During production, the company conducts regular inspections to promptly detect and rectify any arising defects. Inspection stages include checking the dimensions, shape, and surface quality of the products.

3. Final Inspection Before Delivery

Before the products are delivered to customers, we perform a final inspection to ensure all products meet the highest quality requirements. This inspection process includes checking the appearance, accuracy, and other criteria as per customer requirements.

Quality Commitment and Future Goals

We are committed to continuously improving product and service quality to best meet customer needs. With a spirit of constant learning and dedication to work, the company believes it will continue to deliver products meeting Japanese quality standards, contributing to enhancing the company’s reputation and brand in the international market.