As a leading mechanical and industrial support manufacturing conglomerate, CNCTech focuses on investing in the fabrication of molds and supplying a diverse range of mold products for various industries. Mold manufacturing is a crucial sector, considered the backbone of the modern industry, providing the capability to produce a large quantity of products in a short time with high stability.

Amid the US-China trade war and the trend of expanding supply chains to Vietnam, it has become evident that the US is a potential market for Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises to invest and grow. Currently, at CNCTech, US customers account for over 20% of the total clientele, representing a more than 40% increase compared to the previous year. In the final days of 2023, CNCTech successfully fabricated and shipped a series of large molds weighing an average of 1.5 tons to the US market, providing molds for a leading multinational home appliance manufacturing and marketing company in the United States.

Meeting Stringent Quality and Standard Criteria

With over a decade of experience in mold fabrication, CNCTech primarily adheres to Japanese standards in mold making. However, when approaching and receiving mold orders from US businesses, it posed numerous challenges but also opened significant opportunities, demanding flexibility and innovation in production. The challenge was to meet strict quality criteria while ensuring competitive pricing in the market.

From arranging the position of bolts for assembly to the diameter and threading system, the company transitioned entirely from JIS to Inc. standards. This required adjustments in the design, processing, and quality control processes to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the final product. With the spirit of “Nothing is impossible,” CNCTech proactively sought and connected with new suppliers to purchase Inc. system components from overseas. Contacting designated suppliers such as Parker and Incoe to import Hot runner and Cylinder components from the US market initially posed challenges, but now the company is extremely confident and proud of overcoming new challenges and making breakthroughs in the mold-making process.

 Images of molds exported to the US

Directly Transporting Molds to the US

Before packaging and shipping to customers, our team of experts meticulously inspects each detail of the mold set to ensure the components function smoothly. Simultaneously, we provide spare parts and a list of component suppliers, making it easy for customers to purchase and replace parts when needed during future production.

With many years of experience in exporting to the US, the transportation network we have built in this market makes the mold transfer process convenient and rapid. When customers receive the molds and provide positive feedback on the quality, we feel immensely proud to be a reputable mold manufacturer, supplying molds to foreign businesses.

Investing in Mastering Mold Manufacturing Technology

In 2020, leveraging over a decade of experience in mold making, CNCTech launched a Mold Manufacturing Plant with a capacity of 200 mold sets per year, catering to large-scale manufacturing operations and meeting the practical needs of the market. Mold making is a highly automated industry that requires complex technical expertise, so CNCTech places special emphasis on researching and mastering technology. The conglomerate has invested comprehensively in all stages, forming a closed production process from design, mold base fabrication, detailed mold production using CNC processing, EDM electric discharge machining, wire cutting, CMM measurement, mold assembly, and plastic molding, with modern equipment and machinery.

  CNCTech’s Mold Products

Mastering mold manufacturing technology enables CNCTech to be proactive in business operations, moving towards perfecting the value chain under the All-in-one model (providing a comprehensive solution from product research and development to processing, fabrication, production, assembly, transfer of operation, and maintenance). This contributes to increasing competitive capabilities when participating in the global supply chain.

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