In June 2022, Vietnam has over 80 million people fully vaccinated (80% of population) and more than 10 million recovered from the infections¹. The country has reached herd immunity against COVID-19. Life returns to normal. And this opens up many opportunities for local manufacturers.

CNCTech has doubled machining equipment count in Thang Long complex, in response to the rise in customer’s demand. In the past three months, the company has put 60 machining and tapping centers (MCT) into production.

These MCTs are ideal for high precision machining of smaller parts from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and other steel alloys. The machines come in a small foot print, so they can be arranged in consecutively operations for excellent repeatability and great hourly rates.

Applications range from filters in telecom equipment, heatsinks for computer and server, robot parts, housing for CCTV cameras and various electronic products. CNCTech Thang Long also has large injection molding capability. The factory can produce molded parts and then machine slots, holes and other decorative features for cosmetic applications.

1. Vaccination data from VNExpress.