From April 10-12, 2024, CNCTech will participate in the exhibition at booth 1-14 at M-Tech Nagoya. This is one of the four largest exhibitions in Japan related to the manufacturing sector. Nagoya is also the fourth largest city in Japan and an industrial hub, home to headquarters of major automobile manufacturers like Toyota.

CNCTech is the first Southeast Asian company to participate in the M-Tech Nagoya Exhibition in Japan. With the vibrant and prominent Vietnamese flag colors, the CNCTech booth welcomed many visitors right from early morning.

Until the last day, the atmosphere at our booth remained very bustling.

After being introduced and viewing the products on display, CEOs of Japanese manufacturers were extremely surprised when introduced to the scale of the plant and CNCTech’s quality management system. Visitors reviewed sample products, made preliminary evaluations, and sent contacts and quotes to CNCTech.

We believe that our success does not stop at the MTech Nagoya exhibition but marks a significant turning point in making CNCTech a reputable international brand.

Some clients in Japan took their precious time to visit our booth at the M-Tech Nagoya 2024 exhibition.

Each product at the CNCTech booth tells a story we want to convey to our clients. With over ten years of experience working with Japanese customers, CNCTech has learned many valuable lessons from the Land of the Rising Sun, especially about frugality. From what might seem like scrap materials, we have used creative ingenuity to create charming, colorful little pen boxes as gifts for visitors to our booth.

After the three-day exhibition ended, we visited several clients in Japan.

Johnan Corporation is a global conglomerate operating in various fields such as semiconductors, automotive, machinery, electronics, and trade. The Johnan branch in Aichi Prefecture employs 20 Vietnamese among its 60 staff members. We visited the Johnan branch in Aichi. CNCTech passed several rounds of audits and product evaluations to open a supplier account at Johnan. We hope that the collaboration between the two parties in 2024 will be tremendously successful.

Otake Seisakusho is a long-established company in the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. The company holds Vietnamese workers in high regard. Currently, Otake has six Vietnamese employees who are highly praised for their diligence.

The company’s director, who was formerly a JICA expert, has worked on and supported many projects in Vietnam, and thus holds deep affection for the country and its people. He is eager to contribute to the development of the supporting industries. When he learned that CNCTech was also involved in the JICA support program, he was very interested and spoke fondly of his friends at JICA, who are now also friends with CNCTech.

Ohno Seiko has a manufacturing plant in Vietnam and plans to expand by opening a second plant in Vietnam in the near future

In addition, we also had some spontaneous and joyful moments in Japan, a beautiful country that holds great affection for Vietnam. Looking forward to meeting again..