As a custom manufacturer, CNCTech sees digital transformation as a key enabler for sustainable growth, ensuring production availability while driving down risks and costs. Beginning this 2021, the company has invested in SAP as its main ERP system mechanical manufacturing services.

Apzon IRS's Representative and CNCTech's President Nguyen Van Hung in Kick-Off Ceremony for SAP Implementation.
Apzon’s Representative and CNCTech’s President Nguyen Van Hung in the Kick-Off Ceremony for SAP Implementation. Bac Ninh, February 5th 2021.

On March 26th, CNCTech finished the first phase of SAP implementation in its Bac Ninh factory. Molders today are facing many challenges and opportunities that can be addressed with digital solutions:

  • Traceability: of both material and mold cavities
  • Short production run management: particularly more challenging with multi-configuration parts.
  • Maintaining a real-time visibility to the plant floor, and
  • Integration to third party’s ERP of customers
A SAP Workshop at CNCTech Bac Ninh
A SAP Workshop at CNCTech Bac Ninh.

Along with SAP, CNCTech is also aiming to build a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for molding shops. This integrated system can help to regulate production processes, increase equipment utilization, and improve overall production efficiency.

ERP systems have been used in other electronics companies in CNCTech Group for a few years now. Implementing SAP for mechanical processes is another step towards a one-stop-shop manufacturing solution for global customers.