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CNCTech welcomes worldwide partners to our factory here in Vietnam. CNCTech's complex is located in Vinh Phuc - an attractive province not too far from Hanoi. This location is ideal for those who would like to have an overall view of Vietnamese manufacturers through numerous industrial zones as well as a glance at Northern culture.

Lot F1-2-3, Thang Long 3 Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam (Google Maps)

Travel to Vinh Phuc

Our guests normally choose Noi Bai airport as it’s the nearest airport to travel to Vinh Phuc or Ha Noi – the capital city of Viet Nam. There are plenty of options to arrive in our province but we recommend all visitors to take a taxi in order to avoid any inconvenience.

There are several trusty taxi companies such as: Mai Linh Taxi, Noi Bai Taxi, ABC Taxi and Thanh Cong Taxi. After getting on the cab, please show this to the driver if you want to visit our factory:

Lô F1-2-3, KCN Thăng Long 3, Bình Xuyên, Vĩnh Phúc

Otherwise, in case you prefer to relax in a hotel after a long flight, please show the hotel address to the driver. The address will be listed along with the hotel name in a PDF document below the “Which places to stay” section. Some hotels do assist visitors with taxi booking but you need to verify with the hotel while making a reservation.

Places to stay in Vinh Phuc

40 kilometers away from Ha Noi – the capital city of Vietnam, Vinh Phuc is a worth – living province for every generations. Vinh Phuc is both a dynamic province and a calm living space with breathtaking nature and tranquil environment. The accommodations here capture the spirit of a modern province with longstanding culture and originality.

DIC Star Vinh Yen

1.000.000 – 3.000.000 VND/night

Car pick-up at Noi Bai airport: 800.000 – 1.300.000 VND

Dic Star is located in the South Vinh Yen urban area. Visiting customers enjoying a calm and convenient living environment can make a reservation in this hotel. 

Dic Star offers variable room options from suite to deluxe that fit the group size.

There are plenty of services surrounding Dic Star, including shopping centers, coffee shops, local restaurants and grocery shops.

West Lake Vinh Phuc

1.500.000 – 4.000.000 VND/night

Located in the same city as Dic Star, West Lake has an ideal view of Dam Vac lake and the peaceful green landscape around it. It is named after its location: the West of Dam Vac lake.

The hotel supplies many integral amenities such as: restaurants, a ball room, a karaoke bar, a spa and an out-door swimming pool. The breakfast and gym room are included in the reservation price.

West Lake hotel & resort provides a wide range of facilities for lodging, conferencing and entertaining purposes.

West Lake also has some cafes with beautiful greenery.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

3.000.000 – 6.000.000 VND/night

Entrance fee (for visitors who do not rent a room): 700.000 VND/person

Located near Dai Lai lake, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is suitable for an extended visit. The resort itself is a complex of villa, restaurant, artificial beach, in-door game arena, out-door playground, coffee shop and many more.

Tourists can benefit from the natural landscape, the fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere in the suburb of Vinh Phuc. Dai Lai Flamingo resort offers a wide range of villa options: forest view, top hill, lake view, swimming pool included, etc. Each of these is a private area and every corner of this resort is perfect for a fancy Instagram check-in.

FLC Vinh Thinh Resort

800.000 – 1.500.000 VND per person per night

FLC Vinh Thinh resort is an affiliate of FLC group’s hotels and resorts chain which provides high-class hotel services in many holiday destinations in Vietnam. FLC is best known for friendly, caring and standard services.

Royal Huy Tam Dao

Price range: 900.000 – 1.500.000 VND/night

Royal Huy has a perfect location on top of Tam Dao mountain – a must visit place in Vinh Phuc. Tourists staying in Royal Huy can benefit from  a fascinating landscape and the cool climate on top of Tam Dao mountain. 

Despite its geographic position, visiting customers can easily travel because the traffic in Vinh Phuc is very convenient and the scenery is worth trading off.

Where to eat

Vietnamese cuisine, especially Northern Vietnam, is a perfect “mélange” of different cultures around the world.  The extended period of French and Chinese colonization as well as wartime gives Vietnamese food a fusion taste from many flavors such as aromas, spice, sweetness, sourness and fish-sauciness. Vietnamese dishes contains balanced nutrients from both protein and vegetable. Everyone in Vietnam is proud of delicious local food at an affordable price. Some of the most well-known dishes from Vietnam are Banh mi (French baguette with pork, herbs and pickle fillings), Pho (Vietnamese noodles served with soups, beef and scallions) and spring rolls (pork, vegetables, herbs and vermicelli wrapped in a rice paper and deep fried).

In Vinh Phuc. we have a variety of food options from different cuisines around the world. Don’t worry if you are not a meat-eater because vegetarian food are available here at a very affordable price. Vietnam is a food heaven, so please feel free to choose your food for the day.

In case you don’t know what to eat, there are some restaurants that you may like:

Let’s sushi


Hoa cúc vàng

Let’s sushi


Hoa cúc vàng

Where to visit

Vinh Phuc is a midland province between Ha Noi and mountainous regions in the Northern Vietnam. This location gives this area an unique topographic combined of mountains, deltas, rivers, forests with cool and comfortable climate. At the same time, the special topographic blesses us with various remarkable destinations and gorgeous sceneries. Some of them are Tay Thien, Tam Dao and Flamingo Dai Lai.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is a worth-living ecosystem combined of picturesque nature and artistry architecture in the suburb of Vinh Phuc. Secured from the city noise and the chaos of the daily life, Flamingo Dai Lai is truly a heaven for everyone.

The resort has an unique vibe with rustic architect, green trees, serene paths. There are plenty of activities for your spare time such as: swimming, biking, wandering around the hood, tasting food and drinks or relaxing in a spa.

Flamingo Dai Lai does offer a variety of meal options in its restaurants. In case you want to explore the local dishes or seafood, there are a lot of restaurants and beer bars in the surroundings.

For more details, please visit the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort website here.

Tam Dao – the city of clouds

Tam Dao is not a strange name when we talk about Vietnamese tourism. A small town on top of Tam Dao mountain, the cool weather and the breathtaking nature top the memories of every tourists that ever been here. Indeed, Tam Dao’s temperature is always 3 to 5 degree Celsius lower than the average temperature in the deltas of Vinh Phuc. Tam Dao has 4 seasons and each season has its own marks.

The tourists in Tam Dao can sit back and relax in a comfortable atmosphere, enjoy the local food and shop for Vietnamese specialties around the town. Local people coming to Tam Dao love to spend hours in a café on the mountain edge, watching the clouds drift across the sky and taking picture from beautiful spots. During daytime, the town is coated with warm light from the sun and white cotton clouds. When night falls, tourists can admire the beauty of city lights from the mountain top, go for a walk and breath in the fresh air.

There are a few cafes in Tam Dao where you can relax with good drinks and spectacular mountain view and Co La Café is one of them. This coffee shop is built out of the cliff with wooden bars and interiors. From here, you can witness the traffic from the foothill, the clouds drifting like cotton candies on the sky and feel the air breezing through your hair.

Tam Dao’s citizens are friendly and warm hearted. Perhaps the weather here has made everyone more joyful and at ease. There are also plenty of food choices in this town like BBQ, hot pot and specialties from wild animals. Don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite, we would love to make your days in Tam Dao memorable.

Tay Thien

Situated near Tam Dao town, Tay Thien has a spiritual vibe of a religious destination – the cradle of Vietnam Buddhism.

Tay Thien is a grand masterpiece hidden inside Tam Dao’s forest with beautiful scenery like waterfalls and many temples, pagodas. Every year, millions of Buddhist worshipers and tourists arrive in Tay Thien to pray for luck and fortune as well as go sightseeing. There are two ways to travel between famous sites in Tay Thien: by cable car or by personal transportation. Travelling on a cable car allows you to have an overall view of the forest, the streams from the mountain top, the authenticity of the nature and the temples hidden behind the clouds on the mountain cliff. The cable car departure station is in Cau Temple and the arrival station is 2,5 kilometers away in Co Chin Temple. From there, you have to climb on thousands of rock steps to reach the solemn temples and try out vegetarian food in the Tay Thien restaurant. The last destination of the journey lies on top of the cliff – the Fairy chess board.

If you choose to travel on a personal vehicle like motorbike or car, we would definitely recommend you to visit the Dai Bao Tower and Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery – one of the 3 largest monasteries in Vietnam.

Pro tips in Vietnam

Sadly, Vietnam is notorious among the backpacking community for overcharging tourists. An existing fear of foreigners when it comes to traveling in Vietnam is getting ripped-off. This happens frequently in big cities since some tourists aren’t familiar with either the street sellers here or the common price range. In Vinh Phuc, this scenario rarely occurs but still remains an unfortunate if one of our partners might have experienced it.

Download Zalo

Here in Vietnam, we often use Zalo as a communication app. With Zalo, you can easily send text message, make a call, send and receive files. Other than that, we also present on Telegram, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. If you have and request, please contact us via: (your account manager’s contact)

Make sure that the taxi is from a reputable company

The brand name should be printed visibly on the taxi and the top of the car should have a “taxi cap” which show the company name.

Have an eye on the taxi meter

The taxi meter will determine the taxi fares based on the distance counted. Once you get in a taxi, the taxi driver should start the taxi meter and stop it at your arrival. A qualified taxi meter should be sealed with a stamp and a lead clamp to make sure there is no adjustment with the motor inside. The taxi meter is a box on the front that looks like this.

Notice the exchange rate

Some taxi drivers can take advantage of the tourists’ unawareness in order to raise the taxi fare.

Deal with a street seller

It is important to keep in mind that street food, drinks or souvenirs in Vietnam is generally affordable. And, you should avoid the street sellers who force you to purchase something.


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